Some publications are PDF documents and require Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Publications for Drivers

New Drivers and Driver Licenses

Driver's Manual (Web version with interactive practice quiz)

Driver's Manual - Print version (PDF, 61 pages)

Commercial Driver's Manual (12 PDFs that total 183 pages)

Hazardous Materials Manual (PDF, 30 pages)

Supplement to Driver's Manual for Tow Truck Driver's Endorsement (PDF, 45 pages)

Motorcycle Manual (Web version)

Motorcycle Manual - Print version (PDF, 52 pages)

Safety Information for Drivers

New York State's Occupant Restraint Law

Tips for Safer Motorcycling

You and the Drinking Driving Laws (PDF)

Sharing the Road Safely

Other Information for Drivers

Abstract of Driving Record (PDF)

Suppose Your License Were Taken Away (PDF)

Traffic Violations Bureau

Publications for Vehicle Owners

Insurance, Title Certificates, Parking for the Disabled

Auto Liability Insurance

Q & A About Your Certificate of Title

Parking for the Disabled

Vehicle Purchases, Repairs and Inspections

Let the Buyer Be Aware

Know Your Rights in Auto Repair

What to Expect if You File a Complaint Against a DMV Regulated Business (for consumers)

Know Your Rights if a Complaint or Other DMV Charges have been Filed Against You (for DMV-regulated facilities)

New York State Vehicle Safety/Emissions Inspection Program for Cars and Light Trucks

A Consumer Guide to Readiness Monitor Failures as Part of the New York State Vehicle Inspection Program  

Other Publications

NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law

ATVs: Information for Owners and Operators

Publicaciones en Español

Algunas publicaciones están en formato PDF y requieren Adobe Acrobat Reader ®.

Manual de Conducir  (Documento de formato PDF - 61 páginas)

Manual del Conductor Comercial

Suplemento del Manual del Conductor: Aval Para Conducir Grúas
(Document de formato PDF - 48 páginas)

Manual Para Conductores de Motocicletas  (Documento de formato PDF - 52 páginas)

Preguntas y Respuestas Acerca de su Certificado de Título

Conozca sus Derechos en las Reparaciones Automotrice

Mantenga Informado al Comprador

¿Cómo que mi automóvil no está listo?  Conduzca a NY hacia la limprieza
(Documento de formato PDF)