The DMV Online Vision Registry

For many years, doctors, nurses, vision care professionals and their supervised staff have been authorized to perform the vision screening tests required to apply for or renew driver licenses in NYS. Under the new Online Vision Registry, pharmacists, staff supervised by pharmacists and organizations authorized by DMV can now also conduct vision screening tests.

This program makes it easier for you to renew your driver license online or by mail. The professional or organization that performs your test can submit the results to the Registry online. This allows you to renew your driver license online without entering information about your test results. If you renew by mail, you do not need to send Vision Test Report (form MV-619 or form MV-619R) with your renewal application. It can take up to 24 hours for your test results to be entered in the Registry.

Question and Answers

Can out-of-state vision care providers or pharmacies use the Registry?

No. Providers outside NYS can complete Vision Test Report (form MV-619) and you can use it to renew online or by mail. Out-of-state providers cannot enroll in or use the Vision Registry.

Can NYS providers enter results for out of state residents?

Results cannot be entered for anyone that does not have a NYS driver license, including those with NYS non-driver photo identification cards. A customer that lives out of state but holds a NYS driver license can have their vision tested by a NYS provider and have results entered in the Registry.

How can I find businesses enrolled in the Registry?

You can search by ZIP Code for businesses enrolled as providers in the DMV Online Vision Registry.

When will the results be entered?

DMV requires that the results be entered within 24 hours of the test.