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AA-3.3 Applications to Open Default Conviction

Use this form to request that the DMV reopen a Traffic Violations Bureau traffic ticket (from New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, or Suffolk County (with a violation date before April 1, 2013)) that resulted in a default judgment against you. You must include any documents that may be necessary to support your statements, and you must be willing to participate in a hearing. This form cannot be used in local courts or for tickets where a default judgment was not entered.

CR-78 NYS Dealers and Transporters Regulations

Regulations for automobile dealers and transporters required to be registered with DMV. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

DPR-104 Drinking Driver Program Service Agreement

All Drinking Driver Programs must agree to the terms included in form DPR-104 in order to operate a DDP.  The Service Agreement defines the responsibilities of the DDP to the motorist, to the program, and to the DMV.  Form DPR-104 is required to be submitted with form DPR-103 and all original application materials.  The applicant must also submit a form DPR-102 for each instructor.

DS-103 Report of Passing Stopped School Bus

Report of Passing Stopped School Bus. A motor carrier must complete this form.

ELT-1 Electronic Lien Transfer Program Business User Manual

For lienholders who wish to file liens electronically and exchange lien information with DMV electronically.

ID-44CH 身份证明






ID-44K 신원확인 증명서

신원확인 증명서



ID-44S Comprobantes de Identidad para permiso de aprendizaje, licencia de conducir, y no conductores de tarjetas ID

Comprobantes de Identidad para permiso de aprendizaje, licencia de conducir, y no conductores de tarjetas ID

ISPCAP Inspection Station Cap by County

Inspection Station Cap by County

MV-15 Request for DMV Records

Use to request most DMV records, including driver record abstracts. See DMV Records for information on the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act. Use MV-198C for accident reports.

You can order a driver record abstract.

MV-20 Permanent Fleet Registration Program Guide

Information for owners of fleets of 200 or more vehicles that qualify for the Permanent Fleet Registration Program. Read the Overview on Page 1 for more information. Use form MV-82PFR (Permanent Fleet Registration Application) to apply.

MV-277 Pre-licensing Course Instructor's Manual

Curriculum for the driver license pre-licensing course.

MV-37 Statement of Abandoned Vehicle

Use to transfer a vehicle at least ten model years old and worth less then $1250 from a property owner to a vehicle dismantler, itinerant vehicle collector or certified scrap processor when the vehicle has been abandoned for at least one month.

MV-400PH Request for Custom Empire Plates - Disabled Registrant

Use to request personalized Empire plates with the international symbol of access. (Use the MV-664.1 for non-personalized plates for the disabled.  See the brochure "Parking for People With Disabilities".)

MV-400PH.1 Request for Plates for a Disabled Veteran

Used by veterans with service-related disabilities to request "Disabled Veteran" plates which allow access to reserved parking spaces. See the brochure "Parking for People With Disabilities".

MV-412 Application for Military and Veteran Custom Plates

Use to apply for military or veteran group member custom plates.

MV-461 Dealer Plate Issuance Manual

Complete informational and instruction manual on plate issuance for participating dealerships. TIP — Large file, recommend save to local disk.

MV-463 Application for Dealer Plate Issuance Program

For qualified auto and ATV dealers who wish to issue registration plates to customers.

MV-519 Information Concerning Oversized/Overweight Vehicles

Provides information on maximum vehicle weights and dimensions in NYS and how to obtain oversize/overweight permits.

MV-663 Certification for an Additional Set of License Plates for Persons With Disabilities

Use if a disabled individual already has disabled plates  and is requesting an additional set for a second vehicle registered to him/her and used by another disabled family member. See our brochure on Parking for People With Disabilities.

MV-910 Customer Lien Inquiry

Used by financial institutions for lien inquiry.

PD-7 Plate Surrender Application

Use to surrender NYS license plates by mail.