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Form Title Purpose
MV-664.2MP Metered Parking Waiver Information

Information for a NYS resident with a severe disability to apply for a metered parking waiver.

MV-664.1MP Application for a Metered Parking Waiver for Persons With Severe Disabilities

Information and application for a NYS resident with a severe disability to apply for a metered parking waiver.  The application requires the signature and certification of a physician, and must be submitted to the local government, not to the DMV.

MV-400PH.1 Request for Plates for a Disabled Veteran

Used by veterans with service-related disabilities to request "Disabled Veteran" plates which allow access to reserved parking spaces. See the brochure "Parking for People With Disabilities".

MV-664.1 Instructions and Application for a Parking Permit or License Plates, for People With Severe Disabilities

Used by New York residents to apply for plates or a parking permit for people with severe disabilities. Requires a medical doctor's signature and certification. Plates are issued at state and county DMV offices, but permits are issued by local governments, not DMV. Filing a false application is a crime.

MV-400PH Request for Custom Empire Plates - Disabled Registrant

Use to request personalized Empire plates with the international symbol of access. (Use the MV-664.1 for non-personalized plates for the disabled.  See the brochure "Parking for People With Disabilities".)

MV-663 Certification for an Additional Set of License Plates for Persons With Disabilities

Use if a disabled individual already has plates for a person with disabilities  and is requesting an additional set for a second vehicle registered to him/her and used by another disabled family member. See our brochure on Parking for People With Disabilities.