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What is MyDMV and what is NY.gov ID?

MyDMV offers customers quick and easy access to a variety of personalized and secure online services without mailing in forms or making a trip to a local DMV office.

You'll need a NY.gov ID username to use MyDMV.  NY.gov IDs allow people access to online services from various NYS government agencies with a single username and password.  Learn more about NY.gov IDs.

When you sign up for MyDMV, you will enter personal identification information that we can trust to verify your identity.  After that, you won't need to enter personal information to access MyDMV services.  If you already have a NY.gov ID username when you sign up for MyDMV, your MyDMV account will be associated with your current NY.gov ID username. You will not need to create a new username.


MyDMV Services

Change the address on my license & registrations

Get my own driving record (abstract)

Monitor my teen driver (TEENS)

Check my license/driving privilege status

My registrations and paperless reminders

Restore license after revocation

Register to become an organ, eye or tissue donor

Register to vote


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