Replace a non-driver ID card

You can replace your non-driver ID if it was lost or destroyed, or after you update your address. You cannot replace your ID if it expired (you must renew or apply for a new one).


Important: New York offers three types of non-driver IDs

Document Type




Displayed on documentFlag displayed on EnhancedStar displayed on REAL ID documentsNot for Federal Purposes displayed on Standard documents
Boarding a domestic (U.S.) flight, entering a Federal
Building or Military Base (starting October, 2020)
U.S. Border Crossing from Canada, Mexico and some
Caribbean countries

*If your non-driver ID was issued before October 30, 2017 and is not Enhanced, you have a Standard. 

Learn more about Enhanced, REAL ID and Standard documents

Replace at a DMV office if you want to change to an Enhanced or REAL ID

The office will give you a temporary, non-photo document to use until your new ID comes in the mail in about 2 weeks. 

Complete this guide to make sure you have the proofs of identification you need. 

find out what documents you need to bring to an office



ImportantIf you replace online and do not  already have an Enhanced or REAL ID, your document will have 'NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES' written on it.   

You can replace online unless

  • you want an Enhanced or REAL ID for the first time
  • you are 25 or older and ordered a replacement online within the past 30 days
  • you are under age 25 and have ordered a replacement before
  • your non-driver ID says "Valid Without Photo"

At the end of the transaction, you can download and print a temporary non-driver ID in PDF format to use until your new ID comes in the mail (in about 10 days).

Replace online


By mail

ImportantIf you replace online and do not  already have an Enhanced or REAL ID, your document will have 'NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES' written on it.   



NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
207 Genesee Street, Suite 6
Utica, NY  13501-2874



Under age 62$8.00
Under age 62 and receive Supplement Security Income*$6.50
Age 62 or older$6.50
Age 62 or older and receive Supplement Security Income*No Fee

*Reduced fee or 'No Fee' 

To get a reduced fee or 'No Fee' replacement, you must you must apply by mail or at a DMV office (sorry, you can't apply online), provide proof of your eligibility for Supplemental Security Income. This proof can be

  • Notice of Award notifying you that you are eligible for SSI benefits
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) letter
  • Notice of change in payment (SSA-L8151)
  • Third Party Query (TPQY) letter
  • Report of Confidential Social Security Information (SSA-2258)
  • Benefit Verification letter (you must call the SSA in advance to obtain this letter: 1-800-772-1213)

At a DMV office:  Bring original proof of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

By mail: Send us a photocopy of your proof of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


Additional information

If you are turning 21 soon

Order within 40 days of your birthday to get an ID without “UNDER 21.” 1


You will get your new ID in 2 weeks

Allow 2 weeks to receive it in the mail. You can check the mailing status of your photo document online. If your document is not delivered two weeks after the date the document was processed, you can contact us.


We mail your ID to the address we have on record

We mail your new non-driver ID card to the address currently on our records or an alternate address you provide.

See how to change or verify your address.

Alternate mailing address 

When you apply by mail or at an office, you can ask that your replacement document be sent to an address that is different from the address on your document. 2 You can't have it sent to a different address when you order online. 


Overseas (out of the country, abroad)

When overseas you must replace your non-drivers ID card through the mail. Please submit

We also recommend that you send us a pre-addressed priority mail return envelope with your application. This will help ensure that we send your new ID to the correct address.


Name or other changes

If you need to make changes other than to your address, you will need go to a DMV office. See how to change your name or other information.


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See a list of non-driver ID topics.


  • 1. If you request a replacement driver license 41 days or more before your 21st birthday, it will say “UNDER 21.”
  • 2. If you want your new non-driver ID card sent to an alternate address, include an additional note and clearly print the alternate address. Don’t write the alternate address on form MV-44. The mailing address you write on form MV-44 must be the address that is listed on your photo document and your DMV record.