Respond to hearings and waiver notices for repair and body shops

What do I need to know about hearings and waiver notices?

If a DMV investigation results in a hearing recommendation, you may be offered a waiver in place of attending the hearing.


How do I accept a waiver?

Carefully read your hearing waiver notice. To accept the waiver, mark the correct box on the form. Mail the form to the address listed on the form. Make sure that you include a personal check and the required business documents described on the form.


How do I determine the date, time and location of my hearing?

We will notify you by mail of the date, time, and location of your hearing. Hearings are held at different locations throughout New York State. The DMV tries to schedule the hearing at a location near your business.


How do I reschedule my hearing to a later date?

The DMV Hearing Bureau does not reschedule hearings without a good reason. Request an adjournment early, but no less than seven days before the date of the hearing. Include the reason why you requested the adjournment, your address and your daytime telephone number. You or your attorney can request the adjournment by mail. Send the letter to

Safety and Business Hearing Bureau
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 424A
Albany, NY 12228


What should I do if I don’t receive confirmation of my adjournment?

If you do not receive a confirmation at least 5 days before the date of your hearing, call the Hearing Bureau at 1-518-474-1509.

Failure to receive a confirmation of your adjournment does not indicate that the Hearing Bureau gave you an adjournment.