Become an IPIRP/ADM provider

What is the IPIRP/ADM pilot program?

IPIRP/ADM is an acronym for the Internet/Alternate Delivery Method Point & Insurance Reduction Program. In 2009, a five-year pilot began to allow DMV approved providers to deliver Point & Insurance Reduction courses by internet, DVD and digital cable.


Can I apply for approval of an Alternate Delivery Method Course?

Requirements and forms for driver education providers

The Driver Education Program is jointly administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the State Education Department (SED).

Requirements and forms for Point and Insurance Reduction Program providers

What is the Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP)?

The Point and Insurance Reduction Program is a DMV-approved course designed to teach motorists critical information about Highway Safety and Accident Prevention.  The course, although commonly known as “PIRP,” is also known by several different names, including

Use of military address in a DMV transaction

Online transactions

You cannot do the following transactions online if your current address is not in the US. 

DMV vision and license standards

The Vehicle and Traffic Law provides that an applicant for an original driver license must pass a vision test. The law also provides that the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles requires each person renewing a license to submit to a vision examination.

Enrollment process

Businesses that are interested in offering the new vision screening service to their customers are invited to enroll in the Registry. The enrollment process will be handled electronically. The application should take no more than five minutes to complete and includes the following sections:

Overview and benefits


The DMV permits doctors, nurses, and most eye care professionals to perform vision screening tests. DMV has changed its regulations so that pharmacists and their supervised staff can give vision screening tests for customers. Supervised staff of current health care professionals can also give the tests along with organizations deputized by DMV.  DMV has also developed an Online Vision Registry that allows the test results to be electronically submitted to DMV. The results are applied to an individual's record.

FAQ's for vision registry providers

Does a pharmacy or organization deputized by DMV need to be enrolled in the Registry to conduct vision screening tests?


Can out of state health care providers access the Registry?

No. Out of state health care providers are not permitted to enroll in the Registry.

Can NYS providers and their staff conduct tests for out of state residents?


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