General information for dealers and transporters

Where can I find information about operating a dealer or transporter business in New York State?

The best source of information is the NYS Dealers & Transporters Regulations (CR-78).

Can I sell a retail vehicle “as is”?

Close a dealer or transporter business

How do I close my dealer or transporter business? 

Use the Facility Out of Business Attestation (VS-20) to notify the us that your DMV Division of Vehicle Safety - regulated facility is permanently out of business, and for instructions about surrendering (returning) the DMV's items that have been issued to you. If your facility will be temporarily out of business, please contact the appropriate Vehicle Safety Field Services Regional Office for instructions.  

Amend or replace a Dealer or Transporter business registration or license

How do I amend my dealer or transporter certificate of registration?

To amend the registration or get a replacement (duplicate) document for your current dealer or transporter business, you must submit the Request for Business Amendment / Duplicate Certificate (MV-253G).

Mail it to

NYS DMV Bureau of Consumer & Facility Services
Application Unit
P.O. Box 2700
Albany, NY  12220-0700

Suspensions, revocations and appeals for dealer and transporter businesses

What you need to know about suspensions, revocations, civil penalties and appeals

After a DMV hearing, the DMV will send you a 'Notice After Hearing' explaining the reasons why your business license, business registration, or inspector certification has been suspended or revoked.

When does the suspension or the revocation begin and how do I comply?

The suspension order or the revocation order has the date that your suspension or a revocation will begin.

Respond to hearings and waiver notices for dealer and transporter businesses

What do I need to know about hearings and waiver notices?

If a DMV investigation results in a hearing recommendation, you may be offered a waiver in place of attending the hearing.

How do I accept a waiver?

Carefully read your hearing waiver notice. To accept the waiver, mark the correct box on the form. Mail the form to the address listed on the form. Make sure that you include a personal check and the required business documents described on the form.


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