Respond to hearings and waiver notices for dealer and transporter businesses

What do I need to know about hearings and waiver notices?

If a DMV investigation results in a hearing recommendation, you may be offered a waiver in place of attending the hearing.

How do I accept a waiver?

Carefully read your hearing waiver notice. To accept the waiver, mark the correct box on the form. Mail the form to the address listed on the form. Make sure that you include a personal check and the required business documents described on the form.

Lifetime driving records

What information appears on a lifetime driving record? 

A "lifetime" driving record contains all the license information DMV currently has available about a driver. The “lifetime” driving record will display all information still in DMV’s possession regardless of the data retention requirements found in Vehicle and Traffic Law.  However, it may not include information that dates back to when a driver was initially granted driving privileges.

Open a driving school

What do I need to open a driving school?

A Driving School License is required of any person, firm, association or corporation engaged in the business of giving instruction in the operation of motor vehicles or motorcycles for hire. The process of opening a driving school involves several steps.  These steps are also outlined in the form Opening a Driving School (MV-299.2).

To open a driving school, you will need


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