Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)

What is the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)?

The DPPA is a federal law that regulates and restricts who has access to the information in DMV records. 1

Vehicle registration and title records (abstracts)

What information is on a registration record abstract?

Each registration record abstract contains information grouped within several sections. The elements of the abstract are set by law.


Header 1

The "Header" section includes the registrant's

Driving records (abstracts)

A printed copy of your driving record is called an Abstract of Driving Record.       

Your driving record abstract will display only information defined as public records in the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law. 

CDL, HAZMAT, Tow Truck Manuals

Commercial Driver’s Manual

You can get the Commercial Driver’s Manual (CDL-10 and CDL-10S) online in English and Spanish.

You can also get the Commercial Driver’s manual at any DMV Office or by calling the Call Center.


Hazardous Materials Manual

The Hazardous Materials Manual (CDL-11) is available online in English.


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