CDL, HAZMAT, Tow Truck Manuals

Commercial Driver’s Manual

You can get the Commercial Driver’s Manual (CDL-10 and CDL-10S) online in English and Spanish.

You can also get the Commercial Driver’s manual at any DMV Office or by calling the Call Center.


Hazardous Materials Manual

The Hazardous Materials Manual (CDL-11) is available online in English.

Learn about personalized plates

What are personalized plates?

Personalized plates are standard series plates that have a combination of numbers and letters that you select, for an additional fee in addition to your regular vehicle registration fee. 1

How much do personalized plates cost?

Learn about picture and professional plates

What is a picture or professional plate?

A picture or professional plate is a vehicle plate that has the words "New York" contained in a blue banner, and a picture or logo next to the plate number.

Some personalized picture plates are available for an additional fee.

You can browse the available styles of picture and professional plates online.  The categories are:

Get a CDL “S” endorsement for school bus drivers

How do I get an “S” endorsement for a school bus driver?
A school bus driver with a NYS commercial driver license (CDL) must have an "S" (school bus) endorsement. The “S” endorsement is required to drive specific types of school buses. A school bus driver may not apply for the “S” endorsement unless they already have a “P” (Passenger) endorsement or are applying for both the “S” and the “P” endorsement at the same time.

For the purposes of the “S” endorsement,  the term “school bus” is defined as:

Register a leased vehicle

How do I register a leased vehicle?

If you leased the vehicle from a dealer in New York State, the dealer normally registers the vehicle for you by providing all your proofs and your registration application to the DMV. In this case, you don’t need to do anything more.

If the dealer does not provide the proofs to the DMV, you must register the vehicle by providing the proofs and all of the documents listed below


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