Register a recreational vehicle (snowmobile, boat, moped or ATV)

How do I register my recreational vehicle?

Recreational vehicles must be registered in New York State. There are some types of motorized devices that cannot be registered or operated here.

Before you purchase a vehicle, trailer, boat, snowmobile, or an ATV, make sure that you can receive proof of ownership.  You’ll need it to register your vehicle or obtain a title certificate.

See the special instructions for how to register your recreational vehicle

Register an out-of-state vehicle

Do I need to register my vehicle in New York State?

It depends

  • if you aren’t a resident of New York, the registration from your state of residence is valid here
  • if you move to New York and become a resident, you must register your vehicle here within 30 days of becoming a resident (moving)
  • if you are a resident of New York and you get a vehicle from another state which you will be driving on New York State roadways, you must register the vehicle here within 30 days

What do I need to bring to the DMV?


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