License Event Notification Service (LENS) Accounts

LENS logon page - https://secure.dmv.ny.gov/vpass

What is the License Event Notification Service?

LENS is an automated reporting system that allows an employer or organization to receive notifications of certain items which post to the driver license record of the persons whom they monitor. Every day LENS reviews the driver license records of your organization and reports changes to you overnight via e-mail.

LENS has two types of customers; exempt and paying. Exempt customers are local, state and federal governmental units, volunteer fire and ambulance corps and certain parties engaged in public defender work.

Our paying customers, commercial and not-for-profit entities, include long distance trucking and delivery companies, private colleges and schools and community based organizations. The law obliges paying customers to pay a $7.00 search fee each time they access a driver license record. The fee is for the search, not the result.

LENS is an efficient tool and a great value for a paying customer whose cost in hiring a driver will be $7.00 to add the driver and a $1 fee for each notification sent during the course of his tenure with the organization. There are neither monthly nor annual fees for LENS customers.
Benefits include

  • confidence in the credentials of your drivers
  • determination of a driver’s license status immediately
  • ability to produce an abstract at any time (including CDL abstracts)
  • identification of problem drivers
  • pre-employment screening
  • preparation for DOT & Insurance audits

How does LENS work?

After DMV accepts your LENS application, we will issue your LENS customer number and provide instructions for adding drivers to LENS. For security, your LENS password will arrive separately by first-class mail.

LENS now requires every user to have identification and an e-mail address on file. If you do not yet get e-mails from LENS, please send us a message which includes your name and driver license number, your work telephone number, work e-mail address and LENS customer number

When you enroll in LENS, you choose any or all of the events for which you want to be notified

  • Accidents (Reportable)
  • Convictions
  • Expirations
  • Point and Insurance Reduction Program Completions
  • License  Status Changes
  • Suspensions and Revocations

How do I start?

There are two steps - apply and add drivers.

Our pre-registration process will produce a complete application with instructiosn that we will e-mail back to you.

There is no obligation. You must have a valid e-mail address to pre-register.

Please pre-register here

For more information about LENS:

LENS Help Line - (518) 486-4480
LENS email address (for LENS only) - dmv.sm.lens@dmv.ny.gov

LENS logon page - https://secure.dmv.ny.gov/vpass


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