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Voter Registration Application Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm eligible to register to vote in New York State?

To register to vote in NYS you must:

Full voter registration requirements are listed on the New York State Board of Elections website.

I have registered to vote in the past but do I need to update my voter registration information?

How do I know what my current voter registration status is?

The NYS Board of Elections provides a website for NYS residents to check their voter registration status.

How does voter registration on NYS DMV's website work?

Don't I have to sign my voter registration application?

When you agree to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Attestation in the voter registration application, you authorize DMV to send the Board of Elections your digital signature we have on file from when DMV issued you your Driver License, Non Driver ID Card or Learner's Permit. Agreeing to the attestation is the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature.

What happens to my voter registration application?