DMV Regulatory Agenda

The DMV Regulatory Agenda is a list of Regulations that the DMV plans to change during the year 2017. NY State law does not require the DMV to make all of the proposed changes on the Regulatory Agenda. The document lists changes that the DMV has considered, but the document can be amended if there are changes in law or in the requirements of the DMV.

The DMV can recommend and make changes to the regulations that do not appear in the current Regulatory Agenda. The DMV will update the regulatory Agenda as other proposed changes are considered.



Pursuant to section 202-d of the State Administrative Procedure Act, the Department of Motor Vehicles presents its regulatory agenda for 2019. All references are to Title 15 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations. The Department reserves the right to add, delete or modify any item presented in this agenda.

  1. Part 3 - Amend Part 3 to eliminate the photo image exemption for driver license and permit applicants. This amendment will coincide with current requirements for non-driver identification cards, REAL IDs and Enhanced Driver Licenses (EDLs), as there are no exemptions from photo images relative to these documents.
  2. Part 20 - Amend Part 20 to require that the title of a rebuilt salvage vehicle bear the brand "REBUILT SALVAGE" for the life of the vehicle and not for only vehicles that are eight model years old or newer on the date of loss, which is the current language of the regulation. This amendment will benefit consumers by providing them with accurate and valuable historical information about a vehicle.
  3. Part 78 - Amend Part 28 to limit motor vehicle dealers that may be exempt from participation in VERIFI (Vehicle Electronic Reassignment and Integrated Facility Inventory) system, and to eliminate various recordkeeping requirements for dealers participating in VERIFI. This amendment will require all newly registered dealers to participate in the VERIFI system, unless they are granted an exemption because of inability to electronically connect to the system, and will relieve VERIFI participating dealers from certain paper recordkeeping requirements.
  4. Part 28 - Amend Part 28 to require all IRP (International Registration Plan) participants to have all IRP jurisdictions listed on their cab card and to increase the fee when an applicant seeks to decrease the weight of a vehicle. These amendments are technical updates that will conform to changes made in the International Registration Plan.