DMV Regulatory Agenda

The DMV Regulatory Agenda is a list of Regulations that the DMV plans to change during the year 2017. NY State law does not require the DMV to make all of the proposed changes on the Regulatory Agenda. The document lists changes that the DMV has considered, but the document can be amended if there are changes in law or in the requirements of the DMV.

The DMV can recommend and make changes to the regulations that do not appear in the current Regulatory Agenda. The DMV will update the regulatory Agenda as other proposed changes are considered.



Pursuant to section 202-d of the State Administrative Procedure Act, the Department of Motor Vehicles presents its regulatory agenda for 2017. All references are to Title 15 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations. The Department reserves the right to add, delete or modify any item presented in this agenda.

1. Amend Part 6 to make technical and clarifying amendments regarding procedures related to the qualification and disqualification of bus drivers.

2. Amend Part 20 in relation to technical amendments regarding the filing and recording of liens. Amend Part 78 in relation to displaying the number of liens on the “Certificate of Sale,” the MV-50 form.

3. Amend Part 28 to allow independent service organizations to obtain the trip permits electronically from DMV and to process and report disbursements electronically, as well as allow the carriers to purchase trip permits on-line.

4. Amend Part 35 to make several clarifying and technical amendments regarding the enforcement of motor vehicle insurance laws.

5. Amend Part 54 to set forth the appropriate tinting levels for motor vehicle windows and windshields.

6. Amend Part 79 in relation to testing the tint levels on motor vehicles as part of the annual safety inspection.

7. Amend Part 91 to update the regulations regarding the processing of traffic tickets to conform to current law and procedure.

8. Amend Part 124 regarding the scheduling and rescheduling of hearings before the Traffic Violations