Mark J.F. Schroeder


Mark J.F. Schroeder was nominated by former Governor Andrew Cuomo to serve as the Commissioner of DMV in January of 2019. He previously served as the elected comptroller of the City of Buffalo from January 2012 until his appointment to DMV, and has also previously served as a member of the Erie County Legislature and New York State Assembly.

Prior to his years of public service, Commissioner Schroeder spent 25 years in the private sector, including serving as vice president of two large corporations.

As a public servant, Mr. Schroeder has earned a reputation as someone his constituents turn to when they have a problem, whether it be minor or major. During his time in the Assembly, Mr. Schroeder authored "Amanda's Law," which requires carbon monoxide detectors in all homes. The law was named after a teen in his district, Amanda Hansen, who died from carbon monoxide poisoning while at a sleepover at a friend's house. He also sponsored legislation banning text messaging while driving and a law safeguarding children from sexual predators. Mr. Schroeder served as the chairman of the Assembly Subcommittee on Autism, and created an inclusive panel of mental health professionals, autism advocates and concerned parents with the mission of providing better care for those afflicted with the disorder.

In his first term as Buffalo Comptroller, the city’s chief fiscal officer, Mr. Schroeder refinanced old debt, saving taxpayers more than $62 million. Under his fiscal management, Buffalo has received "Straight A" bond ratings from the three major credit rating agencies. He used these ratings in the bond market to borrow funds and refinance debt at the lowest interest rates in the City's history.

A lifelong Buffalo resident, Commissioner Schroeder and his wife, Kate Horan Schroeder, have three children - Michael, Allison and the late Matthew Schroeder.  He is the proud grandfather of Lily and Marlee.