Proposed DMV regulation changes for comment

You can read the text of the proposed changes to the DMV Regulations that is listed in the table below.  You can send your comments about the proposed changes to the DMV.  Make sure that you submit your comments no later than the date listed next to the subject of the proposed change.


Topic of Regulation AmendmentPart of the DMV RegulationsDeadline for Public Comments
Transportation Network CompaniesAmendment 80August 7, 2017


If you have a comment about the DMV regulation listed above, you can send your comment to:

Office of Counsel
Room 522A
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY  12228

or read the instructions to send a comment about the regulation online.

You can use the email address above only to send comments about the proposed DMV regulations.  You cannot send other comments or questions to the email address above.  See the instructions to send other questions and comments to the DMV.