Statistical data and summaries

Operator Safety Inspection Performance Data for Stretched or Modified Limousines

New York State regulates certain vehicles referred to as stretched or modified limousines. For the purposes of the data, a stretched or modified limousine is defined as a limousine capable of transporting 11 or more persons (including the driver). 

See details of New York State operator safety inspection performance data.


New York State Open Data Portal

In addition to the statistics accessible on the New York State Open Data Portal page, the DMV has also made a number of data sets available for public viewing on DMV data sets at New York’s Open Data Portal.   Data viewable on the Open Data Portal include vehicle repair shops & vehicle inspection stations across the state, the number of electric cars registered in each NY county, the most popular vehicle makes and body types registered in New York, comprehensive motor vehicle crash data, and much, much more.     

We encourage you to view all the data sets made available to you on New York’s Open Data Portal and urge you to submit your ideas on additional data sets you’d like to see available by suggesting a data set at the bottom of the Open Data page!  


Traffic Safety Statistics Portal

You can find DMV data at the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) on the Traffic Safety Statistical Repository website.