Statistical Summaries

The NYSDMV maintains statistical data about motor vehicle crashes, vehicle registrations and drivers.  All statistical summaries are PDF documents and require Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Archives of Statistical Summaries


New York State Open Data Portal

In addition to the statistics accessible on this page, NYS DMV has also made a number of data sets available for public viewing on New York’s Open Data Portal.   Data viewable on the Open Data Portal include vehicle repair shops & vehicle inspection stations across the state, the number of electric cars registered in each NY county, the most popular vehicle makes and body types registered in NYS, comprehensive motor vehicle crash data, and much, much more.     

We encourage you to view all the data sets made available to you on New York’s Open Data Portal and urge you to submit your ideas on additional data sets you’d like to see available by suggesting a data set at the bottom of the Open Data page!  


Traffic Safety Statistical Repository

In addition, you can find DMV data at the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) Traffic Safety Statistical Repository.



Motor Vehicle Crashes

The crash data are compiled from the crash reports submitted to the NYSDMV by motorists and police agencies. The crash data are released after a complete calendar year is compiled. The data for the year 2014 are the most current available.

Some of the other information, for example, the numbers for population and vehicle miles traveled, is collected from other government agencies.

General Notes:

  • A calculation made with rounded number is the possible cause of a total percentage that is higher or lower than 100.0%.
  • Some data were collected only from Police Accident Reports (MV-104).  The title of the data table includes "(P)".
  • The Property Damage Crash reports include only data from crashes that cause damage of more than $1,000 to the property of one person.
  • The term "vehicles" does not include bicycles.
  • The term "drivers" does not include bicyclists.

Injury Severity Key for Summary Tables

"K"  Fatal injuries include deaths which occur within thirty days following injury in a motor vehicle crash.

"A"  Severe injuries include skull fractures, internal injuries, broken or distorted limbs, unconsciousness, severe lacerations, and unable to leave the scene without assistance.

"B"  Moderate injuries include visible injuries such as a "lump" on the head, abrasions, and minor lacerations.

"C"  Slight injuries include hysteria, nausea, momentary unconsciousness, and complaint of pain without visible signs of injury.


2014 Motor Vehicle Crashes


Driver Licenses and Vehicle Registrations

Driver Licenses on File (2016)

The number of all NYS driver licenses on file in the year 2016, listed by county and by gender.

Vehicle Registrations in Force (2016)
The number of all NYS vehicle registrations considered active in the year 2016, listed by county and type of registration. Excludes vehicles with suspended, revoked and surrendered plates.


Archives of Statistical Summaries