Your salary is only part of the total compensation you receive as a New York State employee. You are also eligible for a wide range of benefits at reduced or no cost.

Generous leave time (prorated for part-time employees):

Paid Vacation

Includes 13 days of paid vacation annually, plus bonus vacation days upon completion of years one through seven. After completing seven years of service, vacation is accrued at the rate of 20 days annually. Vacation credits may be accumulated and carried into the next year with generous limits.

Paid Sick Leave

Includes between eight and 13 days annually, depending on the employee's negotiating unit. Sick leave credits may be accumulated and carried into the next year with generous limits.

  • 5 Paid Personal Leave Days Annually
  • 12 Paid Holidays Annually

Health Care Coverage

A choice of quality health insurance plans is available at an affordable, low premium cost to all employees and their families through enrollment in the Empire Plan or a variety of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). The Pre-Tax Contribution Program, which allows for health care insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, is also available. Employees are provided dental and vision care through either a union Employee Benefits Fund or a state-administered program.

Pension Plan

Retirement benefits are vested after 10 years of credited New York State service. The retirement plan also provides supplemental benefits such as loan privileges, disability retirement benefits, and death benefits for eligible employees.

Health insurance benefits in retirement are available after 10 years of credited New York State service if you meet eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirements for retirement health insurance benefits include:

  • you retire directly from New York State service
  • you must meet age requirements
  • you must be enrolled in State health insurance at time of retirement

Payroll Deduction Savings Plans

A variety of savings plans are available through payroll deduction. The Deferred Compensation plan is a voluntary program that allows employees to invest part of their salaries for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. The U.S. Savings Bonds Payroll Savings Plan is another voluntary savings program. Employees can also save for their children's education by contributing to New York's College Savings Program.

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance

Most employees may purchase disability insurance and group term life insurance policies. Employees who participate in the Income Protection Plan are covered for short-term and long-term disability benefits.

Long Term Care Insurance (NYPERL)

NYPERL is a voluntary, employee-pay-all group long-term care insurance plan. Long-term care is assistance you may need if you are unable to carry out the basic activities of everyday living and/or to provide financial protection against the costs associated with long-term care covered services.

Employee Wellness Program (EWP)

EWP offers state employees various lunchtime activities including yoga, exercise, meditation, CPR training, and stress management seminars.

Tuition Assistance Program

A variety of tuition voucher and reimbursement opportunities are offered through negotiated agreements with employee unions. The programs provide financial assistance for employees to improve job skills, performance, and career opportunities by taking courses at participating New York State educational institutions.

Work-Life Services

Work-Life Services  provides New York State employees with a comprehensive network of resources to address their work, home, and life issues. Programs include:

  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees cope with personal problems. EAP is an assessment and referral service that can connect employees with local service providers and support services to address their needs.
  • The Flex Spending Account (FSA) program is a negotiated benefit for state employees. There are two parts to the Flex Spending Account that give the employee a way to pay for dependent care or health care expenses with pre-tax dollars:

    • A Dependent Care Advantage Account - an opportunity to pay for childcare, elder care or dependents with disabilities with pre-tax dollars, or
    • A Health Care Spending Account - contribute up to $3,000 annually in pre-tax dollars to pay for health-related expenses that are not reimbursed through health insurance.

  • Child Care Centers - Numerous worksite child care centers are hosted by state agencies across New York and provide convenient, quality care at affordable rates for children of state employees.
  • NYS-Ride (pronounced NICE Ride) - This program allows employees to save money on a monthly basis on eligible public transportation expenses through pre-tax payroll deductions.
  • NYS-Balance - This is a free, confidential resource and referral service designed to save New York State employees time and help them better balance work and life.

The total value of these benefits results in significant additional compensation!

For additional information visit the Governor's Office of Employee Relations website.