Take a Civil Service Exam

New York State offers a wide variety of exam opportunities found on the Civil Service website, or if you would like to receive emails about upcoming exams, you can sign up for email notifications.

General Information About Civil Service Exams

Civil Service Exams are a way to enter into civil service or to achieve promotions. There are many types of exams, each targeting the skills you may need for that particular position.

Open Competitive Exams

Open Competitive exams are open to all New York residents, regardless of whether they're already employed in a New York State or local government agency. The positions available for these exams are typically entry-level jobs or traineeships. Many of the NY HELPS Initiative job titles were previously titles that required a competitive exam to be hired.

Continuous Recruitment Exams

Continuous Recruitment Exams are offered several times yearly and designed to fill positions typically in high demand.

Promotional Exams

Promotional Exams are for job seekers who already work for a New York State government agency and wish to move up the career ladder. As such, these exams are only open to current employees of New York State. Many NY HELPS Initiative job titles will lead to positions that require a Promotional Exam.