Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL)


Effective January 10, 2024: The New York State DMV implemented the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) exemption of some pre-trip vehicle inspection requirements for road tests for new CDL applicants or applicants who previously held, but no longer hold, a CDL and want the school bus (S) and passenger (P) endorsements. The FMCSA exemption is currently set to expire November 27, 2024. CDL applicants who want the FMCSA exemption must take the "Limited School Bus" road test. Go to School Bus Only Restriction for more information about the new exemption.


Important information for stretch limo drivers  

NYS commercial driver’s license standards require drivers of stretch limousines which carry nine (9) or more passengers including the driver to hold, at a minimum, a CDL Class C license, with a Passenger (P) endorsement.

NOTE: A road test is required to obtain the minimum class license.


See information about covered farm vehicles.


Get a CDL for the first time

A commercial driver license is required to operate large or heavy vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, dump trucks, tractor trailers, buses, and stretch limos.


If you already have a CDL

You can


Medical certification

Federal regulations require that every commercial driver certify to the type of commercial driving they perform. 


Endorsements, restrictions and waivers


Motor Carriers




Outside of DMV