Become a School Bus Driver

School districts across the state are facing a shortage of school bus drivers and are looking for applicants. Current and future Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders have a unique opportunity to support their communities and enjoy a career with good pay and benefits. Many school districts are actively recruiting new school bus drivers and have special programs to assist applicants in becoming qualified. 

I have a CDL. How do I apply?

Start by filling out DMV’s School Bus Driver Candidate Survey. Then, you should contact your local school district or a school bus contractor in your area about employment opportunities. 


What do I need to become a school bus driver?

You will need a Commercial License with

  • a School Bus “S” endorsement, and
  • a Passenger “P” endorsement.  

Learn how to get a CDL “S” endorsement

Learn about Commercial Driver Licenses

Learn about the School Bus Only (S1) restriction


I do not have a CDL, but I want to help. What can I do?

Get you first Commercial Driver License (CDL)