Cancellations, closings and delays

Please see the many transactions that can be done online without having to go to an office!


Office Closings | Road Test Cancellations


Office Closings or Changes

Safety and Business Hearings

All DMV Safety and Business Hearings are adjourned until further notice. 

Traffic Violations Bureaus (TVBs)

All DMV Traffic Violations Bureaus (TVBs) are adjourned until further notice. Those who are scheduled to appear during this time will receive an adjournment notice from the DMV.  Please see the Tickets, Points, and Penalties page for many TVB transactions that can be completed online while the office is closed. 

DMV Offices

All DMV offices are closed. Expiration dates for license and registration transactions will be extended. Please check back for updates. 



Road Test Cancellations, Location Closings or Changes


In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order and for the health and safety of our customers and our employees, all DMV road tests are cancelled until further notice.  In the coming weeks, please check DMV.NY.GOV for further information on when they will resume.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - Until further notice

Queens - The Astoria road test site in Queens has been moved to 19th Avenue between Hazen Street and 19th Road. Vehicles should line up on the north side of 19th Avenue facing Hazen Street.  



Closings, Cancellations or Delays Because of Bad Weather

If the DMV has timely and specific information about closings, cancellations and schedule changes due to bad weather or other conditions, the information will be posted on this page.

If bad weather conditions occur in your area, you can call the local DMV office to determine if there are any closings, cancellations or schedule changes.