Cancellations, closings and delays


Office Closings | Road Test Cancellations


Office closings or changes

Long-term and Holiday closings

Please see the Office pages for long-term closing notices and changes for upcoming holidays.


Albany County: The DMV Innovation Center located in the Swan Street building is permanently closed. Please visit the DMV location conveniently located nearby in the Empire State Concourse.

Suffolk County: The Port Jefferson office is permanently closed. Please visit one of the four remaining locations in Suffolk County.




Road test cancellations, location closings, or changes

 No cancellations, closings or changes at this time.



Closings, Cancellations, or Delays Because of Bad Weather

The information will be posted on this page if the DMV has timely and specific information about closings, cancellations, and schedule changes due to bad weather or other conditions.

If bad weather conditions occur in your area, you can call the local DMV office to determine if there are any closings, cancellations, or schedule changes.