General information for dealers and transporters


The best source of information is the NY State Dealers & Transporters Regulations (PDF) (CR-78).

Selling a retail vehicle “as is”

Some exceptions allow you to use a Salvage Certificate (MV-907A) to sell a vehicle as "junk". The DMV cannot issue a title certificate or a registration to a junk vehicle or a salvage vehicle that is rebuilt unless the vehicle passes a salvage vehicle examination. If a title certificate is issued it will receive a brand that displays "REBUILT SALVAGE:NY".

Selling price on Retail Certificates of Sale (MV-50) if I sell a vehicle wholesale

The selling price is not required on form MV-50 when a vehicle is sold wholesale.

Inspection required out-of-state customer

A New York State inspection is not required for a vehicle registered in another state.

Warranty on a vehicle that has at least 110,000 miles was sold to a retail customer for $1,295

These terms refer to the warranties described by the Office of the Attorney General (website: in the 'Lemon Law'. The Vehicle and Traffic Law requires a dealer to complete the Used Vehicle Certification on form MV-50. The law applies to all vehicles sold at any selling price and which display any odometer reading. The vehicle must be acceptable for use on the road at the time of sale.


Temporary registration expiring soon

If you cannot get the title certificate for a vehicle you sold and the temporary registration expires soon, you cannot get another temporary registration. According to the DMV Commissioner's Regulations, you cannot sell a vehicle if you do not have proof of ownership. You cannot issue an additional temporary registration under any circumstances.

Surety bond

To get a surety bond, you must contact a surety insurance company. Make sure that the business name and mailing address on the bond exactly match the business name and mailing address on your DMV facility license. Make sure that you write your Facility Number on the bond.

Bond amount required from a dealer

The bond amount depends on the number of vehicles the dealer sold in the previous calendar year, or if the dealer is licensed as a franchised new dealer. Refer to the chart below

# of vehicles sold in previous calendar yearBond amount
50 or fewer$20,000
More than 50$100,000
Franchised dealers selling cars, SUVs, light trucks, etc.
* Dealers selling only trailers, motorcycles, vehicles over 10,000 pounds, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles are exempt from the bond requirements.


Catalytic Converters

As of April 15, 2023, every new motor vehicle dealer and qualified dealer must:

  • Keep catalytic converter etching kits in stock;
  • Offer catalytic converter etching kit(s) to any person purchasing a new motor vehicle; and
  • Charge no more than the dealer cost for such etching kit(s).
    • Labor cost can be charged, consistent with DMV regulation.

For more information, see the guidance on VERIFI.

For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.