How to become a registered transporter

Becoming a registered transporter means you can get transporter plates for your transport vehicle(s).

Transporter plates are issued to a registered dealer and to any person, firm, association or corporation engaged in a business requiring the limited operation of motor vehicles in order to facilitate the delivery, repair or improvement thereof or the installation of something thereon.

In addition to the uses stated above, transporter plates may be used on vehicles owned by a manufacturer for demonstrated purposes.  This includes

  • credit and finance companies
  • brokers
  • manufacturers
  • weighmasters
  • testers
  • automobile repair shops
  • automobile painters
  • automobile body builders
  • automobile radio installers and installers of other equipment in or on motor vehicles
  • transporters of vehicles from automobile factories or assembling plants


How to apply

Transporters must submit proof that they have need for such plates. To become a registered transporter with the Department of Motor Vehicles in New York State

You can also call the Office of Vehicle Safety at 1-518-474-0919 to get more information.



Send by mail

You must submit your application, associated documents and fees to this address

Bureau of Consumer & Facility Services
Application Unit
P.O. Box 2700
Albany, NY  12220-0700

For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.