Pay civil penalties for dealer and transporter businesses

How do I pay civil penalties?

After a DMV hearing, the DMV will send you a 'Notice After Hearing' explaining the reasons why your business license, business registration, or inspector certification has been suspended or revoked.

  • to pay a civil penalty, you must send a certified check or a money order to the DMV payable to "Commissioner of Motor Vehicles"
  • to pay restitution to the customer who filed the complaint, send to the DMV a certified check or money order that is payable to the name of the customer

The DMV cannot terminate your suspension for failure to pay a civil penalty until your payment is processed in the DMV Central Office in Albany.

The address to send a payment for a civil penalty or restitution by standard postal delivery is

NYS DMV Bureau of Consumer & Business Services
Control Desk
P.O. Box 2700
Albany, NY  12220-0700

If you use an express mail service, the address is

NYS DMV Bureau of Consumer & Business Services
Control Desk
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 220  
Albany, NY  12228


What can I do if I receive a letter or a suspension order for a bad check?

Return the letter and 2 certified checks or 2 money orders payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

  • write one check or one money order for the amount of the bad check
  • write the other check or the other money order for the amount of the penalty fee of $35

Make the checks or the money orders payable to "Commissioner of Motor Vehicles." If you do not have the letter, you can call the DMV.