What is LENS?

LENS is an automated reporting system. It reviews the driver license records of your organization’s drivers and reports changes to you by email, on DMV business days.


LENS can notify you about the following events when they post to your drivers’ license records:

  • accidents (reportable)
  • convictions
  • expirations
  • HazMat (Hazardous Material) endorsement changes
  • MedCert (Medical Certification) status changes
  • Point and Insurance Reduction Program completions
  • license status changes
  • suspensions and revocations


Benefits include:

  • confidence in the credentials of your drivers
  • determination of a driver’s license status immediately
  • ability to produce an abstract at any time (including CDL abstracts)
  • identification of problem drivers
  • pre-employment screening
  • preparation for DOT & Insurance audits


What does LENS cost?

LENS has two types of customers: exempt and paying. Exempt customers are local, state and federal governmental units, volunteer fire and ambulance corps and certain parties engaged in public defender work. Exempt customers pay no fees to use LENS. All other customers pay fees to use LENS. Our paying customers, commercial and not-for-profit entities, include long distance trucking and delivery companies, private colleges, private schools and community-based organizations.

There are neither monthly nor annual fees for LENS customers. LENS is not expensive. Allowing an unsafe or unqualified person to drive your organization’s vehicle can be very costly. See our Pricing page for details.


How do I start?

After we  accept your LENS registration, we will send your LENS customer number and your LENS username by email. Our welcome message will provide instructions for selecting LENS notification types and for adding drivers to LENS. 

For security, your LENS password will arrive separately by first-class mail. We mail your password letter on the same day we send your welcome email. Please wait for your password letter to arrive before attempting to log in to LENS.


Register for LENS

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