Adding and dropping drivers


Follow the steps below to add drivers to your roster.

  1. From your main menu, under the Driver Maintenance column, select "Add driver."
  2. On the following page, enter the DMV ID number (Client ID) from the driver license of each driver you are adding, and hit the "Add Driver" button.  Adding the Customer Index is optional. 
  3. After you add a driver to your roster, LENS will display a page with brief details of that driver, and a "Click here to display driving record now" button to save/print/email that driver's record. 


NOTE:  Be sure to save/print/email driving records on the same day that you add a driver.  After the day you add a driver to LENS, you will be charged a search fee for any additional driving record you order.

Follow the steps below to remove a driver from your roster. Please note that you can only remove one driver at a time using the LENS website.

  1. Log into your LENS account.
  2. Select "Drop Drivers" from your LENS Main Menu.
  3. Find the driver you wish to drop from the list that appears, or enter their license number or last name in the fields provided. Click "Search."
  4. Click the blue button to the left of the driver’s name.
  5. Click "Drop Driver" to remove the driver.


See our pricing page for more information on search fees and exemptions.

Please read more information about adding licensed drivers outside New York State.


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