Adding and removing users


When DMV creates a LENS roster, we issue a personal user ID and password to the applicant. If your organization has more than one person who may use LENS, we will gladly issue additional user IDs. Every LENS user may, and should, have their own personal logon. Please do not share your logon or password with others.


How do I add a user?

To get an additional user ID, please email us at [email protected] with all of the following

  • your 5-digit LENS roster number
  • the user’s NY State Driver license/non-driver ID number 1
  • the user's full name
  • the business name
  • the user's business address
  • the user’s business telephone number
  • the user’s business email address

We will then

  • send the user ID to the user’s business email address, and
  • mail the password to the user’s personal license/ID mailing address.

The password is the only LENS information that we ever send to a user’s personal mailing address. We will not send a password to an office address.

How do I remove a user?

If a LENS user leaves your organization you can remove them by completing the following steps:

  1. log on to LENS
  2. visit the LENS Main Menu and select Customer Information
  3. select User Profile Maintenance
  4. click “Search” to list all of your LENS users
  5. find the departing user and check the corresponding “Remove” box. Click “Process”.

If a LENS user leaves your organization and you cannot log in to LENS, please email us at [email protected]. Identify the user and your LENS customer number. We will disable the departed user’s access to your LENS roster.

How do I change users?

If someone is taking on another user’s duties, follow the instructions in the topic above for requesting additional user IDs. Do not share the former user’s ID and password with the new user. We will not provide support to any person who is using another person’s user ID. We may revoke shared user IDs upon discovery.


Register for LENS

Log in to LENS

  1. 1. If the license/ID is from another state, send: state, name, address, ID number and expiration date.