Apply for LENS

Create a LENS account to begin monitoring your organization’s drivers.

Register for LENS

Please know that LENS will not replace your organization’s 19-A Monitoring Service.  LENS is a separate and distinct service from the 19-A Monitoring Service.  See information for how your organization can monitor your 19-A regulated drivers.


What do I need?

To register for LENS, you will need the following information for your organization and its contact person.


  • Short description of intended use of LENS
  • Business Name
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (Tax ID number)
  • Paying or exempt status 1
  • Street Address
  • Estimated number of drivers you plan to monitor
  • Previous or other existing search account numbers (if applicable)

Contact Person  2

  • Name
  • ID number on your NY State DMV issued driver license, learner permit or non-driver ID (see a sample) or the license number located on your license issued by a state other than New York 
  • Email
  • Phone number


How do I start?

To apply for LENS, you must submit an application online. Allow 2 weeks for DMV to process the application.

After we approve your LENS application, we will send you your LENS customer number and your LENS username by email. Our welcome message will provide instructions for funding the account (if applicable), for selecting LENS notification types and for adding drivers to LENS.

For security, the LENS password will be mailed separately to the home address of Contact Person. We mail the password letter on the same day we send the welcome email. Please wait for the password letter to arrive before attempting to log in to LENS.  Paying customers must send a payment to DMV after receiving the organization’s 7 digit escrow account number. You will not be able to add drivers or print records until DMV receives the payment. See instructions to pay for LENS.

  1. 1. NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 202, designates that some customers may be exempt from record search fees for searches/copies of documents to be used for a public purpose. All others must pay for LENS.
  2. 2. The Contact Person is the organization's liaison to the DMV and is the only person who may designate additional users. See Adding and removing users for instructions.