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Medical Certification

If you are a current or prospective employer of commercial drivers, or an authorized agent of a motor carrier, the NY State DMV License Event Notification Service (LENS) now offers notifications of Driver’s Medical Certification (Med Cert).

Medical Certification notifications include the following information:

  • Overall Med Cert Status:  Certified/Not Certified/Not Required
  • Self-Cert Driving Type:  (NA; NI; EA; EI)
  • Medical Certificate Expiration Date:  mm/dd/yyyy (NA/NI driving types only)
  • Medical Variance Expiration Date:  mm/dd/yyyy (if applicable)
  • 60 Day Advance Notification of Medical Certificate Expiration:  mm/dd/yyyy
  • 60 Day Advance Notification of Medical Variance Expiration:  mm/dd/yyyy


CDL Abstracts

Users can also get CDL abstracts for their drivers through LENS. CDL abstract provide the following information that is not available on a Standard Abstract:

  • Expanded driver history information - convictions, suspensions, revocations and other licensing actions in any state committed in any type of vehicle.
  • Medical Certification Status information and Self-Certification information:
    • Medical Certification Status:  (Certified/Not Certified/Not Required)
    • Self-Cert Type: (NA; NI; EA; EI)
    • Medical Examiner’s Certificate information for drivers who must maintain a valid medical examiner’s certificate on file with DMV:
      • Date Medical Certificate Posted to License Record:  mm/dd/yyyy
      • Med Cert Issue Date:  mm/dd/yyyy
      • Med Cert Expiration Date:  mm/dd/yyyy
      • Medical Examiner’s Name:
      • Medical Examiner’s Licensing Jurisdiction Code:
      • Medical Examiner’s License or Certificate Number:
      • Medical Examiner’s Specialty Code:
      • Medical Examiner’s National Registry Number: (Required for all Med Certs issued on or after 5/21/2014)
      • Existence of any Restrictions on Medical Certification:  Corrective Lenses; Hearing Aid
      • Existence of any Medical Variance on Medical Certification:  Diabetes Waiver; Vision Waiver; Hearing Waiver; Seizure Waiver; Skills Eval Certificate; Qualified by Operation
      • Medical Variance/SPE Certificate Effective Date (if applicable):  mm/dd/yyyy
      • Medical Variance/SPE Expiration Date (if applicable):   mm/dd/yyyy 


If you wish to receive Med Cert notifications, and have the option to display CDL Abstracts, see the instructions on Medical Certification.



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