Dial-in is on a new server

You may notice a few changes in appearance and function.


APPEARANCE: Subtle changes appear in font and color scheme.


BACK BUTTON:  Your browser’s back button, at the upper left hand corner, behaves differently. As always, we recommend against navigating with it while logged into DIAL-IN. Use the buttons within the DIAL-IN display to navigate, [MENU|MORE|PREV|REDO|ABSTRACT|NEXT|EXPAND 1, 2, 3 …]. Using your browser’s back button will display a “Webpage has expired” message. Sending your browser a refresh command [F5] may return you to screen that you left.


IDLE TIME: After 10 minutes of inactivity, when you send a command, DIALIN will return to the sign on screen.


SESSIONS: Concurrent sessions in the same browser are allowed. Experienced users may find this useful for comparing records.


INCORRECT PASSWORD: If you receive the “INCORRECT ACCOUNT NUMBER OR PASSWORD” error message, you do not have to close your browser and wait before retrying. Simply revisit the logon page and try again.


DATA DISPLAY: If your browser saves information that you type into forms, your browser may list recent search criteria listed below the entry field.


AMPERSAND (&) IN BUSINESS NAMES: Registration records that contain the ampersand may be searched by typing the information as it appears on a registration document. As with other name searches, only exact matches to characters in the search criteria will appear. For instance “A&Z” will not produce the same findings as “A;AND;Z” or “A;&;Z”


EVERYTHING ELSE: about Dial-In remains the same.