DMV Records

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Driving record (abstracts)

DMV offers 3 types of driving records

  • Standard driving record
    Shows your record information for the minimum length of time as defined in the Vehicle and Traffic Law. Learn more about Standard driving records

  • Commercial Driver License (CDL) driving record
    Shows information still in DMV’s possession regardless of the data retention requirements found in Vehicle and Traffic Law. Learn more about CDL driving records.

  • Lifetime driving record
    Shows driving history information that may not display on a Standard driving, and Medical Certification Status information. Learn more about Lifetime driving records.

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Vehicle record (abstract)


Another person's records


Crash (accident) reports

File a report

You are required by the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law to file an accident report if you are involved in any accident where there is damage to the property of one individual (including yourself) that is more than $1,000.  The report must be filed within 10 days.

Search for and get a report

DMV keeps accident reports for only 4 years from the date of the accident, except for rare instances that are described in Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 201(i). You can search and order reports online. 


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