Error messages

I received a "DPPA non-compliant" or "Please disconnect" message when I logged in. What do I do?

This message occurs when either the account has been inactive for 18+ months, or when the DMV has inquired about a search you conducted and has not yet received an answer.

To resolve unanswered inquiries, verify your email address and search your inbox for a message from Search Verification. (If you do not see the message, please check your spam or junk folder.) If you find the email, please answer the questions to the best of your ability or call Search Verification at 518-474-3887. You will need to answer these questions before we can can restore your account for normal operation. If you do not find the email, contact the DMV Help Desk at 518-473-3959 Option 2. 

To resolve account inactivity or if you do not believe it's been 18 months since your last DIAL-IN log in, please call the DMV Help Desk at 518-473-3959 Option 2.