Incorrect account number or password

If you have entered an incorrect account number or password


  • close all your browsers
  • re-open your browser window
  • return to the DIAL-IN login page
  • enter your account number and secondary password.

Account numbers are comprised of 7 digits. Secondary passwords have 4 alphanumeric characters.


Additional troubleshooting

Review your information: If you have trouble logging in, confirm that the information you entered is correct. You may have entered an incorrect account number or password. Remember: Your account number and primary password are assigned by DMV. You must use both your account number and primary password every time you change your secondary password.

Clear your browser's history: If you are still having trouble logging in and see a series of dots in the account number and secondary password fields, your browser may be saving your login information. Please clear your browser's cache/saved forms, then try logging in again. (If you are asked to save login information on the DIAL-IN domain in the future, click "no".)

If you don't know your login information, please contact the DMV Help Desk at 518-473-3959 Option 2, or email [email protected]. Your email should only contain your account number and information regarding your request; do not include your password.