Medical certification notifications (Med Cert)


If you wish to receive notification of Drivers' Medical Certification (Med Cert),  please log in to LENS and 

  1. visit your LENS main menu
  2. select "Customer Information"
  3. select "Modify Account Settings"
  4. click "Selected License Events for Notifications" and select the “Med Cert Notification”
  5. accept the Terms of Service.

Learn about Medical Certification

Drivers can also monitor their own CLP/CDL medical certification status through MyDMV and subscribe for text and/or email notifications.

Sample Medical Certification Notification 1

 Medical Certification Sample Document

Medical Certification Notification Meanings
Line #Meaning
First LineThe license number, name, date of birth and of the driver. The first line also includes index information if you recorded an index for the driver on your LENS roster.
Second LineThe date that the driver was added to your roster.  2
Third LineThe status of the driver’s medical certification 3
Fourth LineThe type of driving done by the driver, which may or may not require a Med Cert.  4
Fifth LineThe expiration date of the Med Cert.
Sixth Line

The expiration date of the medical variance attached to the Med Cert (if applicable).

Additional LinesLines for any additional medical variances attached to the Med Cert (if applicable).


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