My LogOn


Who gets a LogOn?

When DMV creates a LENS roster, we issue a personal logon and password to the applicant. If your organization has more than one person who may use LENS, we will issue additional logons. Every LENS user may, and should, have their own personal logon. Please do not share your logon or password with others.

To acquire another logon, please send us the following information about the new user

  • the 5-digit LENS customer number
  • NYS Driver license/non-driver ID number; if the license/ID is from another state, send: state, name, address, ID number and expiration date
  • business telephone number
  • business email address

We will

  • send the user ID to the user’s business email address
  • mail the password to the user’s personal license/ID mailing address

The password is the only LENS information that we ever send to a user’s personal mailing address. We will not send a password to an office address.


Difficulty logging on?

Error page "A"

 Image of Account Information error page explaining that customer LogOn credentials are not correct and instructing customer to call the Security Administrator or Help Desk.


If your browser looks like error page “A”:

  1. Please close all your browsers
  2. Open one browser window
  3. Return to NYS DMV Secure Log-on - VPASS
  4. Try logging in again.

Note: If you keep returning to Error page “A”, you may be using an incorrect user ID. Please double-check your user ID.

Is your user ID locked?

Error page "B"

  Password attempts exceeded. If you have previously registered for Self Service Password reset, Click the link below. Otherwise, contact your VPASS Administrator to have your password reset. Click here to Reset your password

If you place more than three attempts with an incorrect password, your user ID will become “locked”. There is a self-service solution that DMV calls “Automated Password Reset”. However “Automated Password Reset” is only useful if you enroll before you have difficulty with your logon.

If you see error page “B” when you attempt to log on, please follow the link. If you had earlier enrolled in Automated Password Reset, a dialog will present three questions. Answer them correctly and your browser will display a replacement password.

Still having difficulty?

If our tips do not help you solve the problem, send us a note. When you send your note, please include your user ID, but please don’t include your password.