What Does LENS Cost? 
Add a driver  1$7.00
Remove a driver$0.00
License event notifications$1.00 per notification
Additional driving records$7.00 per record


How do I pay for LENS?

LENS is a prepaid service. When you apply for LENS, estimate how many drivers you plan to monitor and plan to pay $10 per driver to DMV. When DMV accepts your application, we will send instructions for depositing your payment into an escrow account. After you fund your account, you will be able to add drivers.

If you currently have an escrow account for Dial-In or 19-A, you can use the same escrow account to also pay for LENS. Enter the account number when you register for LENS.

Why is the deposit $10.00?

Adding a Driver costs $7.00. $10.00 minus $7.00 leaves $3.00 to cover the notifications that LENS will produce over time.


Am I exempt from paying LENS fees?

NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law designates that the following customers may be exempt from record search fees for searches/copies of documents to be used for a public purpose:

  • public officers, board or body
  • volunteer fire companies
  • volunteer ambulance services
  • legal aid bureau, society or other private entity when acting pursuant to section 722 of the county law


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  1. 1. Adding a driver produces a driving record.