Searching records

Test records

If you are a new DIAL-IN user, we recommend that you practice searching records using the DMV's test records. This will allow you to become familiar with the system without incurring any search fees. However, there is a $1 fee to order a certified abstract. 

To begin searching test records, use the following convention. When searching by name, type: DIAL,TEST. You may now search in the License, Registration or Insurance records. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may only be searched for using the 17-character VIN.

Regular records

When you are not using the above test records, you will incur a search fee of $7 per search, along with the above $1 cost for the printing and mailing of the abstract. Please keep in mind that the fee is for the search, not the results.

If your search entry is formatted properly, you will receive either:

  • the single record that matches your entry which is yours to expand, view and copy at no additional expense; or,
  • a partial or full list of possible matches from which your may choose one to expand without additional cost. (For instance, if there are 5 matches and you open the remaining 4, you will be charged $35.)

To print the information on the screen, hit the "Ctrl" and "P" buttons. To capture all the information on the screen, repeat this process for every screen of the record. For license abstracts, you will see End of Record when you have reached the last screen. 

If your search entry is not formatted properly, you will receive one of the following results:

  • No, your entry was invalid. - Occurs when your entry is not properly formatted.
  • Your client ID was invalid. - Occurs when the program recognizes your entry as a driver license that is not property formatted.
  • Your search resulted in a "no-hit" condition. Your search argument was XXXXX. Press enter to return to the menu. - Occurs when the entry is for a driver license that is properly formatted but for which NY State does not have a match.

If you receive any of the messages above, please correct your search entry and try again.

Search categories

You may use the DIAL-IN system to browse the below categories using the corresponding search options within each:

  • License - Motorist identification number OR name and date of birth
  • Registration - Plate number of name and date of birth
  • Plate number - Plate number OR name and date of birth OR vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle identification number - May only be searched using a 17-character VIN