Agents/Brokers Access to DMV External Applications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

NYS DMV allows licensed brokers and agents access to DMV applications in order to assist their clients with insurance related issues on the registrant’s NY DMV record. Searches on the insurance file are limited to those records that have open cases such as unanswered inquiry letters, suspension, revocations, paper proof transactions or mandatory verification requests. There is no fee for this service. To apply for access: submit the AGENT/BROKER EXTERNAL APPLICATION request form available on the IIES website



What application is available?

IIE INQUIRY EXTERNAL (IIES) allows users to verify if letters, suspension or revocation notices, or restorations have been sent to the registrant. It would also show if a record has an open or closed case.

Who Can Access IIE Inquiry External?

Access to DMV's IIE INQUIRY EXTERNAL (IIES) is limited to property and casualty insurance agents and brokers licensed by the NYS Department of Financial Services Insurance Division (DFS) and authorized to issue 2D bar-coded insurance identification cards.

In order to issue ID cards, DFS issues a key and PIN to an agent/broker and that process activates the agent/broker license number in DMV's database. DMV will not grant you access to the IIES application if you have not obtained the key and PIN from DFS.


How do I receive access to IIE Inquiry External?

The request for an account must come from the licensee. The licensee must indicate the name of the liaison for the account on the application form.  The application “AGENT/BROKER EXTERNAL APPLICATION” request form is available online. To apply for access, download, fill out and electronically return the application.


Who is the liaison on the account?

Normally this is the license holder. This ensures that the license holder is aware of the use of the account, since the licensee is the person held responsible for all searches performed under the account. A license holder can designate another individual as the liaison. However, if that liaison leaves your agency, a new liaison will have to be assigned to the account. This may cause an interruption in your access while the account is updated with a new liaison. Only the liaison can request an update or password reset for the account.


How can I change the liaison on the account?

You must fill out and submit another application form. Indicate the new liaison on the form.


Where is the application form submitted?

The application form is sent electronically to a shared DMV mailbox set up exclusively for IIE Inquiry External account management and password re-sets: [email protected]


Can the USER ID be shared?

Your User ID and password for your account cannot be shared among your staff. Doing so is in violation of Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). Each person that uses the application must have their own User ID.  The liaison of the account is responsible for creating and maintaining these sub-accounts.  All information queried is auditable information and is ultimately the responsibility of each account holder. 



What is RAVE?

RAVE, Remote Access VPASS Environment, allows liaisons to set up, view and re-set their Users. The “Site Pass” sign-on screen allows the liaison to log in with their User ID and password. You can then set up sub accounts for your office. Each year the liaison must re-certify all users on the account. When DMV re-sets the certification date for the User Group, the liaison must recertify all Users within 3 days. If all Users are not recertified, the account will lock and the liaison will receive an error. During recertification, the liaison should remove or deactivate old users. Accounts are never deleted, they are deactivated.


How can the liaison’s account be re-set?

Liaison accounts expire YEARLY. You must submit a request to DMV’s shared mailbox (IIESVPASS MAILBOX) and ask to be reset and recertified. Provide us with your User ID (your broker or producer license number associated with the account). No application is needed to re-set a password. The request must come from the liaison on the account.


How do I re-set my Users?

You must re-set your Users using RAVE. DMV will not re-set your sub-accounts.


How do I re-certify all Users?

Delete any unwanted accounts first, then re-certify all valid accounts.  If a specific User ID is not to be re-certified, then that User ID must be deactivated PRIOR to the recertification process.

To re-certify Users, the liaison should check each User ID that is to be re-certified or check the “ALL” check box at the end of the page. All active Users ID must be re-certified or your account will be locked.


What is Auto Password Reset?

Liaison’s can set up an auto password reset option (with security questions) after they have certified their users. This will allow you to reset a locked password without contacting DMV. If your password is expired and needs recertification, you must request recertification from DMV.



What administrative functions can a liaison perform?

The liaison has the ability to perform some administrative tasks associated with the RAVE application. The liaison can perform the following functions:

  • add a new user to the group
  • edit a group's existing users (deactivate a user)
  • reset group user's passwords
  • re-certify all group users
  • request a list of group users

Liaisons can only grant logon capability to applications that they themselves are able to use. They can only edit, unlock or deactivate users who are in their group. Liaisons must also have their own logon and password that must not be shared. Each year, the liaisons are required to re-certify all users in their group. If the re-certification does not occur, ALL members of the liaison's group will be denied access to the application.


Are there rules associated with the accounts I administer?

As a liaison or supervisor of others who have access rights to any DMV application, you may be held responsible for the unauthorized use of those applications by any of your subordinate employees, or persons to whom you have extended DMV logon privileges. All users (including the liaison) must keep records of all searches.

If we determine there is an issue with your account, the account may be locked until the issue is resolved.


How do I delete Users?

After you log into RAVE/Site Pass, your screen should indicate: "RAVE MENU"

  • Select "Edit the Existing Accounts"
  • Select the User ID of the account to be modified

You will then view a page that shows all of the fields associated with that User ID that can be modified.

Go to the box "Application-(Active)"

  • Select the application that you want to de-activate
  • Select "UPDATE"

This will put the application that you highlighted in the "Application (In Active)" box.

This application will no longer be able to be accessed by that User ID. The User ID will remain on your User ID list, but they will not be able to access any applications.



Can I be audited?

DMV may perform an audit at any time. Auditors will provide advance notice and conduct the audit during normal business hours. The purpose of an audit is to verify your compliance with provisions of the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act. If DMV selects your account for audit, we will contact you by phone and/or mail to arrange the time and place of the audit. Upon completion of the audit, you will receive formal correspondence detailing the audit results. You will receive an audit report indicating any record keeping deficiencies. You will have thirty days to correct deficiencies and report remedies to DMV. If you fail to respond to the audit report or to adequately remedy deficiencies, DMV may suspend your account.



What if I have a problem with my agent or broker license?

You must contact the Insurance Division at NYS DFS to resolve any issues with your license:

If your license is inactive, you will not be able to recertify your account. You must re-activate your license with DFS first.

What if my agency has moved to another location?

You must contact the NYS DFS to advise them: [email protected]





Password locked

Use Auto Reset or send email to iies_vpass

Recertification date expired

Liaison must send email to iies_vpass

Credential error

Do not use an OLD shortcut on the computer desktop

Email address error for user

Liaison must send email to DMV requesting we can add the email address for you

New user password not working

When a new account is created, the User ID is the password. After the initial sign-on, select a new password.


Is there a Help Menu?

Yes. There is a RAVE User Guide within the RAVE application. If you need additional assistance, send an email to our shared mailbox.


What is DIAL-IN?

If you regularly need to search DMV records for driver license, registration, vehicle (title) or insurance information, then DIAL-IN is the service you need. Typical clients include attorneys, insurance and private investigators, process servers and building/site security personnel.

For more information, please visit the NYS DMV website:


What if my customer needs an Abstract?

For more information, please visit the NYS DMV website:


What if I have additional questions about my account? 

Information and questions about your account or about access to DMV’s application(s) can be submitted to:

Insurance Services Information & Development (ISID) Unit
[email protected]