Commercial Learner Permit (CLP) holders

Commercial Learner Permit (CLP) holders are subject to the same medical certification standards as CDL drivers.  The DMV will send CLP holders who have a medical status of "Not Certified" a notification advising them that they will need to recertify or the CLP will automatically be cancelled.

If you have both a CDL and a CLP, you will be subject to a license downgrade and a permit cancellation. 

If you have a CLP and you wish to recertify, you can either

  • provide new medical documentation, or
  • process a self-certifcation change to "EA" (Excepted Intrastate) or "EI" (Excepted Interstate

If you comply prior to the expiration date of cancellation, the recertification is the only action action necessary.

If you comply on or after the effective date of the cancellation, you must apply for a Permit Orginal, and pay the appropriate application fees.  This will change your permit status to VALID.   You will not need to take any written tests if you already took them within the past two years.