DMV Changes

Beginning May 2022, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be implementing system changes to record and/or display two new sex identifiers, “X” (Unspecified) and “I” (Intersex) in addition to “M” (Male) and “F” (Female).

The new sex identifier codes will continue to be exchanged with partners in the current “Sex” data element of the Client Record. More specifically, the existing sex identifier data element will now allow for ‘X’ or ‘I’ values, in addition to the current ‘M’ and ‘F’ values, as declared by the Client. 

The new sex identifier changes will be implemented in phases as follows:

  • May 2022: New York State Photo Documents (Permit, License, and Non-Driver Identification Card), Financial, and Administrative
  • July 2022: Registration and Title
  • May - December 2022: Crash Records 
  • May - June 2023: Ticketing

Prior to the official implementation dates listed above, you may see minor changes to the DMV screens/user interfaces of some DMV systems that you have access to today. Specifically, the term “Gender” will be replaced with the term “Sex” and, where applicable, you may see the full list of sex identifier codes displayed in drop-down menus. We expect these minor changes to begin in early January 2022. Changes to the sex identifiers on existing Client records and the applicability of the new sex identifier codes to new Client records will not begin until the implementation dates noted above.