Help finding enough proof of ID

I don't have my original U.S. birth certificate or marriage record

The New York State Department of Health Vital Records office can help you with obtaining vital records in the state. Alternatively, you can order vital records online from New York and many other states through an independent partner, VitalChek Network Inc.


I don’t have enough proof of name identification to bring to the DMV. What can I do?

You may already have more proof documents than you think, or you may be able to get some proof documents.  Here are some suggestions.

  • Bank card (debit) with your name preprinted on it. Some banks will give you a card the same day you open an account.

  • Online bill printouts. You can print out a copy of a paperless bill.  For example, a phone bill, electricity/gas bill, water bill or cable bill. 

  • Divorce papers. You can contact your lawyer to find out where to go to obtain the papers, or check with the state where you got divorced. Remember, you must show us the original documents or a certified copy. 

  • Duplicate marriage certificate. You can check with the city, town or county where you were married. A lot of localities will allow you to order duplicates online.

  • High school diploma or GED. You can contact the education department in the state where you graduated for a certified copy. If you attended school at a Community College, you may have received a (General Educational Development) GED certificate. You can contact the college for a certified copy.

  • U.S. college transcripts. You can order these from a college or university you attended, even if you did not graduate there.  You will need to have a photo ID from the college.

  • Work ID, paystub or a W2 from any state.  These documents do not have to be from New York and they do not have to be current.

  • Union card. The card can be from another state. If you lost the card, you can ask the union for help getting a duplicate. Even if you no longer have that union job, you may be a member for life.

  • Life insurance policy.  Check with your parents or spouse if they ever had a life insurance policy in your name. The policy must be in effect for at least 2 years. 

  • Check cashing card from a supermarket chain with your name printed on it.


You can use proof-of-residence documents that are in your spouse’s name if

  • you and your spouse have the same last name


  • you show additional documents that prove your relationship (for example, a marriage certificate)