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Please Note:  This page has information for our insurance industry business partners.  If you are seeking information about auto insurance, please visit our New York DMV Insurance Page.


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New York State's Insurance Information & Enforcement System (IIES) was developed as a result of enactment of Chapter 678 of the laws of 1997 as amended by Chapter 509 of the laws of 1998. IIES significantly effects how transaction information about liability insurance policies is communicated between business partners (industry to DMV and DMV to industry).


IIES Program Information

No Insurance Activity
06/13/17No Insurance Activity (NIA) Reporting
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
For Hire
01/25/16New York State For-Hire Registrations
12 pages - Adobe Acrobat
Rented / Leased Vehicles
11/13/01New Reporting Guidelines: Rented & Leased Vehicles
4 pages - Adobe Acrobat
EDI Transactions
05/14/13Bulletin Update - REP and REC Reporting Clarified
5 pages - Adobe Acrobat
02/20/13EDI Transactions for Dealer/Transporter Registration Classes
2 pages - Adobe Acrobat
08/21/08Dealer Transporter U100/U105
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
10/04/07Transaction Overlap
2 pages - Adobe Acrobat
03/24/06Change in Mandatory Verification Processing
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
05/09/01Simplified Mandatory Verification (MVF)
4 pages- Adobe Acrobat
07/07/00Actual Effective Dates Needed
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
Training Materials
1/3/11 Training Materials
in Powerpoint
12/12/01Training Materials 12/20/01 Meeting
Powerpoint slides in Adobe Acrobat - 32 pages
11/21/00Training Materials - 11/14 & 11/15/2000 Meetings
26 pages- Adobe Acrobat



Commissioner Regulations

Part 32Insurance Identification Cards
Part 34Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

02/10/03Barcoded ID Card Software FAQs
7 pages - Adobe Acrobat
12/23/99EDI Translation Software - Common Questions
3 pages - Adobe Acrobat
12/03/99NYS DMV IIES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Volume 3
Volume 3 - 8 pages Adobe Acrobat
09/27/99NYS DMV IIES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Volume 2
Volume 2 - 5 pages Adobe Acrobat
09/14/99NYS DMV IIES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Volume 1
Volume 1 - 3 pages Adobe Acrobat

Technical Information

Information on IIES technical specifications.  These Bulletins are in Adobe Acrobat® Reader  .pdf format.  If you experience problems downloading or printing .pdf documents, please see our Help section.

08/01/16Disposition & Error Code List (revised)
10 pages - Adobe Acrobat
05/17/16Trading Partner Certification
10 pages - Adobe Acrobat
05/04/09EDI Transactions Required For Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Companies Registered With Political Subdivision (PSD) Plates

In 2008, legislation was passed that allows volunteer fire and volunteer ambulance companies to receive PSD plates for certain vehicles. Previously, volunteer fire or ambulance companies were not entitled to PSD plates as they do not meet the definition of a political subdivision and are not entitled to the same exemptions under the NYS Vehicle & Traffic law as government entities. Although the legislation allows a volunteer fire company and volunteer ambulance company to be given PSD plates for certain vehicles, these companies are required to submit a valid Insurance ID Card when registering any vehicle. Light trailers registered to these companies with PSD plates are for commercial use and an Insurance ID Card and EDI transactions are required for these trailers.

All IIES EDI insurance transaction business filing rules apply to these vehicles.
09/13/06Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Reporting Implementation Guide (revised)
Version 1.3 - 143 pages - Adobe Acrobat
07/5/00Single MVF Mailbox Designation for Each NAIC Code
1 page- Adobe Acrobat
06/1/00Important Notice on NYS DMV VAN Mailboxes
1 page- Adobe Acrobat
02/09/00997 Functional Acknowledgment
38 pages - Adobe Acrobat
02/09/00EDI Transaction Sample Data
50 pages - Adobe Acrobat
12/23/99EDI Translation Software - Common Questions
3 pages Adobe Acrobat
09/14/99EDI Quick Reference Guide
7 pages - Adobe Acrobat

Bar Coded ID Cards

04/29/15Important Notice on Proof of Insurance in an Electronic Format
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
2/10/03Barcoded ID Card Software FAQs
7 pages - Adobe Acrobat
08/18/00Bar Coded ID Cards - Q&A on Customized Solutions
2 pages - Adobe Acrobat

IIES Program Background

06/15/00IIES Start Update
3 pages - Adobe Acrobat
05/10/00Summary of Important IIES Dates
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
04/03/00Changes to the Development Schedule, 03/28/00
3 pages - Adobe Acrobat
02/18/00IIES One-Page Overview
1 page - Adobe Acrobat
01/25/00Official IIES Program Information
4 pages - Adobe Acrobat
11/19/99Final Request for IIES Contact  April 1, 1999 letter republished.
3 pages - Adobe Acrobat
08/16/99Changes to Development Schedule
2 pages - Adobe Acrobat
02/01/99Report to the Governor and Legislature
11 pages - Adobe Acrobat

General Information

Information related to IIES business processes.

12/18/12Important Information for Super Storm Sandy Victims
2 Pages - Adobe Acrobat
10/19/12IIE Inquiry
1 Page - Adobe Acrobat
07/08/08Changes to the New York State Driver Licenses and Non-Driver Identification Cards
4 pages - Adobe Acrobat


11/10/09Application for Certificate of Self-Insurance
7 pages - Adobe Acrobat
Sample of Application for Certificate of Self-Insurance
7 pages - Adobe Acrobat

Contact Information

This contact information is for our insurance industry business partners ONLY.

Questions can be submitted to us by e-mail at:


Insurance Services Information & Development (ISID)
NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza, Room 332A
Albany, NY 12228


Insurance Services Information & Development (ISID)
Technical Assistance 1-518-402-2130
FAX 1-518-402-2287

Insurance Industry Helpline
Status Check 1-518-402-2175
FAX 1-518-402-4913



New directions in enforcing compulsory automobile insurance laws in New York.