Rules of the Road by Cameron M.

Disclaimer: "Rules of the Road by Cameron M." may not be actual laws or rules of driving.   Just a smart child's opinion.

               Do you always keep your mind on the road, or do some times wander off to another thought?

When you are on the road, you should always be paying attention. Distracters, such as cell phones, radios, and Ipads should not be your main concern. If you have other passengers, you don't want to end up injuring yourself, or even worse the passenger in the back seat. 

If you are driving, you should try to avoid eating and drinking. If you're eating and/or drinking, you could be thinking, "This cheeseburger is so good" or "If I make a mess, my wife is going to kill me." This is proventing you from paying attention.

When driving, you should always wear a seat belt. Seat belts save many people from live threating accidents. If people aren't wearing thier seat belt, or even wearing it incorrectly, that person can get seriously injured, possibly killed.

 When driving, all focus should be on the road. Not on Electronics or food! You need to be cautious on the road to save your life and possibly someone elses as well.