Rules of the Road by Chase

Disclaimer: "Rules of the Road by Chase" may not be actual laws or rules of driving.   Just a smart child's opinion. 

 What i notice when my parents are driving is that, they don't call or text while driving and pay attention so they don't crash.

They also start to stop at a yellow light because as you pass in a yellow light it will most likely turn red causing you to get a ticket.

What should you do when you Drive?

What you should do as you drive is to stop at stop sign and lookboth ways to see if their are cars passing through and then go once you see no cars.

Another thing is to stop when a school bus' lights are flashing red becuase when their flashing it means its either picking up or dropping off children.

What you should NOT do when you Drive

what you should not do when you drive is to speed over the speed limit ig you go even 1 over the spped limit you will get a ticket.

Another thing not to do when driving is to be impaired while driving, this can cause you to not be cautious of what is happening around you and you could get into a car accident.


Other Driving Rules                                                                         

Any other driving rules i can think of are to go at a green light, sometimes people are texting and not paying attention and are not driving when the light is green which is breaking 2 of the Rules of the Road.