New York State and the New York DMV believe in transparency in government, so the DMV has written a transparency plan (pdf). On this page, you will find links to important information about DMV's Strategic Plan and budget, to New York statewide data resources, as well as dates for DMV events and deadlines.

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DMV Plans for the Future

The DMV is thinking about making changes and wants your input!  If you have any opinions about any of the ideas listed below, we want to hear from you.  You can email us at [email protected]

  • Permanent Registration Sticker: Right now, whenever people with passenger vehicles renew their registration, they get a new registration sticker for their windshield.  We plan to give you a permanent registration windshield sticker for passenger vehicles instead.   This windshield sticker would stay on the vehicle for as long as the vehicle is registered to the current owner and would only be replaced if the sticker is damaged or registered to a new owner. You would still need to renew your registration every two years
  • Class A CDL for drivers age 18 to 20. Effective May 14, 2022, the Vehicle and Traffic Law and the transportation law will be amended to establish a commercial driver's license (CDL) class A young adult training program. More information will be available on the DMV website closer to the implementation date.
  • Gender Recognition Act. New York State ensures your right to access state services regardless of gender identity or expression. However, DMV’s computer systems currently preclude a non-binary option to be used in our systems.  We are currently making the programming changes required to offer X as a non-binary option on the license and ID card, and our project schedule will have this completed by no later than June of 2022.  This coincides with the effective date of the Gender Recognition Act, which is effective for DMV June 24, 2022 (see 2021 Governor’s Approval Message Number 9).  DMV’s other systems will updated to allow a gender X option, with the registration system being completed in July of 2022, crash records in December of 2022 and traffic tickets being complete in June of 2023.
  • Third Party CDL Testing.  DMV completed a public hearing on January 26, 2022 to discuss the idea of allowing third parties to administer the CDL road test, to augment DMV’s own statewide testing program.  DMV is now reviewing the results of the hearing and the written comments and materials,
  • Pickup Trucks on Parkways.  DMV regulations allow pickup trucks weighing 6,000 or less to be plated with a passenger or commercial license plate, at the registrant’s option.  Pickups with a passenger plate can use the various parkways throughout New York State.  But because several new pickup models weigh over 6,000 pounds, yet are used for personal transportation, DMV is proposing a change to this regulation to allow all owners of personal-use pickups to select a passenger or commercial plate.   The proposed amendment can be read on page 25 of the State Register.  DMV invites public comments on this proposal to be submitted at [email protected] through May 1, 2022.

New at DMV

  • What’s New About Loud Mufflers?  Not that much.  Since at least 1925, it has been illegal under New York State Law for car, truck and motorcycle drivers to run “straight pipes” or use “cut outs,” and since 1960 the law has banned any change to an original muffler that results in noise louder than the original muffler.  Drivers who break the law can be ticketed.  Effective April 1, 2022, the law was changed to include installers and add penalties for improper motorcycle inspections.  The new law bans the sale and installation of after-market mufflers and modifications that make a motor vehicle louder than the original manufacturer’s muffler, and the fine for doing so is up to $1,000 and/or jail time of up to 30 days.  Inspections stations can lose their license if they fail three times in 18 months to properly inspect a motorcycle’s muffler. 
  • Driver License Suspension Reform.  Recently, there have been significant law changes that impact how driver licenses can be suspended as a result of a motorist failing to pay or answer a traffic ticket.  As of March of 2021, new license suspensions ended for failing to pay a fine resulting from most types of traffic tickets, and by the end of June of 2021 DMV had cleared the remaining 3.1 million open suspensions that resulted from failure to pay a fine across the State.  Additionally, payment plans are now available for traffic tickets across the state, and while a license will still be suspended for failure to appear, those suspensions are lifted once a payment plan is granted. 
  • Gender Change Policy.  In anticipation of the Gender Recognition Act’s June effective date, DMV has eliminated its policy requiring customers to present a medical letter or physician’s statement to prove a gender change.  That can now be done by completing DMV’s license/ID card form, the MV-44.


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