VERIFI Information

In March of 2016, the NY State DMV Commissioner’s Rules & Regulations were amended to provide for the modernization of several paper-based processes performed by dealers. To facilitate these regulatory changes, NY State DMV has partnered with Vanguard Direct, Inc., to create an electronic platform we call “VERIFI” (“Vehicle Electronic Reassignment and Integrated Facility Inventory”). VERIFI will be ready for use in Summer 2018.


The new regulations require dealers to use the VERIFI system. Dealers will need to execute a Facility Participation Agreement with Vanguard Direct prior to the system activation date scheduled for mid-July 2018. In the event a dealer meets the requirements of 15 NYCRR 78.9(c), they may apply to DMV to request an exemption from the VERIFI system.


The areas and processes to be affected and improved by VERIFI include

  • Book of Registry – this will now be digital and Web-based through VERIFI
  • Retail Certificates of Sale (MV-50) – facilities will submit electronic MV-50 through VERIFI
  • Wholesale Certificates of Sale (MV-50W) – facilities will submit electronic MV-50W through VERIFI
  • Temporary Certificates of Registration (MV-50TCR) – these will be generated by the VERIFI system
  • Dealer Plate Logs for Plate Issuance dealers
  • Ordering MV-50 and MV-93 documents – facilities can order books of these documents through VERIFI’s online ordering feature (Paper MV-50’s will still be needed for out of state sales)


VERIFI will be Web-based and accessible by employees you designate. VERIFI will also allow your Dealer Management System (DMS) company to integrate their products with it, if they so choose.


You must enroll in VERIFI for your staff to be able to use the system. Existing dealers can, and should, register for VERIFI today.  Registering now will allow you to

  • review and sign the Facility Participation Agreement
  • provide early access to training and support
  • create user accounts for your employees
  • prepare for the system launch currently scheduled for mid-July 2018


To learn all you need to know about VERIFI, register, print the Facility Participation Agreement and find answers to frequently asked questions, please visit