Administrative review suspensions

Can DMV suspend my driver license due to a medical condition?

Yes.  If a physician reports that you have a medical condition that affects your driving skills, DMV can suspend your driver license.  The suspension remains in effect until a physician certifies that the condition is treated or controlled and does not affect your driving skills.  DMV can also require that the physician recertify at a later time that the condition is controlled and not dangerous. If DMV does not receive the required certification, DMV can suspend your driver license.  This type of suspension is called “Administrative Review”.


How do I remove the suspension?

Staff from DMV’s Medical Review Unit and DMV's medical consultant from the NYS Department of Health will advise you when this type of suspension can be terminated. 


What form do I submit to clear a suspension after I was denied by DMV’s medical consultant?

You must submit a Physician's Statement for Medical Review Unit form (MV-80U.1).


Is there a fee charged to clear an Administrative Review suspension?

No.  There is no fee to clear an Administrative Review suspension.